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“When you come in by seaplane, people know you have arrived” as Florida Travel and Life Magazine writer and Features Editor, Paul C. Love shares with readers in the July/August 2012 edition of the famed travel magazine. In a ten page story readers are tantalized by stunning photos of a gorgeous yellow seaplane flying overhead the world-famous Seven Mile Bridge, an exclusive Florida Keys destination.Key West Seaplanes’ newest custom-designed and custom-built luxury seaplane is featured as the company showcases it’s fleet and it’s service to The Keys, all of Florida, The Bahamas and Caribbean.

In the current July/August 2012 edition, writer and Features Editor Paul C. Love shares with readers the best way to “soar through the sky like celebrities” with Key West Seaplanes, the region’s premiere private seaplane charter company. The seaplane company has full access to explore “The Keys by Land, Sea & Air”. Passengers routinely fly from the mainland to exotic destinations such as Little Palm Island, Hawks Cay, Cheeca Lodge Bar, The Lorelei Cabana Bar and Marina as well as private, uninhabited islands for a day of snorkeling and relaxing along side their own private seaplane.

Key West Seaplanes’ unique “Island Hopping” seaplane experience requires no passport yet enables the absolute freedom to any traveler wishing to explore the tropical island chain that lies completely within the boundaries of The United States. Love is astounded by the beauty of The Keys and comments “Viewing The Keys from 500 feet up provides an entirely new perspective on the tropical island chain”. He shares his experiences with a series of photos that include Alligator Reef Lighthouse and Pirate’s Key.

The article entitled “The Keys By Land, Sea and Air” takes readers on a “Wild road trip through The Keys” and introduces company owners Julie Ann Floyd and Nikali Pontecorvo who are both pilots and long-term Key West residents boasting 30 years of flying the Keys and surrounding areas. The duo formed Key West Seaplanes in 2009 and the company continues to expand due to the demand for the convenience and comfort of traveling via seaplane to private island destinations in the paradise also known as The Florida Keys. Owner Julie Ann Floyd states “Not only is seaplane travel convenient it is fun and exciting….though the private nature of all of our seaplane flights also makes it peaceful, relaxing and wonderfully romantic…..There is certainly something in it for everyone!”.

Key West Seaplanes has recently expanded it’s fleet with the addition of a custom-designed and custom-built amphibious Cessna 206 luxury seaplane. The company joined with Wipaire, Inc of So. St. Paul, MN to create this seaplane pilot’s dream aircraft. The seaplane was completed in January, 2012 and is now a working member of the Key West Seaplanes commercial fleet.

The numerous modifications and upgrades to the this new seaplane make it a one-of-kind aircraft that also was recently awarded “Grand Champion” Seaplane at the 38th Annual Sun-n-Fun International Fly-in and Expo last month in Lakeland, Florida. “Our passengers get the opportunity to travel in this amazing Grand Champion Seaplane!” Floyd excitedly proclaims. “The modifications to this luxury seaplane add vastly to it’s safety, fuel economy and comfort….It is also quieter and friendlier to the environment”.

Little Palm Island seaplane charters are very popular for passengers flying with Key West Seaplanes. Many originate at Miami International, Watson Island Seaplane Base, Fisher Island, and Ft. Lauderdale. However, the company’s private service spans the full state of Florida and beyond. Many flights originate in Naples, Sarasota, Boca Raton and Orlando. The company’s seaplanes are amphibious, enabling them to land on water and also on land. Many passengers originate their travel at a land-based airport and are whisked away to their private tropical escape with a water landing. Key West Seaplanes private charters also offers conventional/wheeled airplane charter options.

Key West Seaplanes trips to The Bahamas/Caribbean are also another option for private seaplane charter services. The company looks to expand seaplane service to Cuba in the near future. They have also been the proud recipient of a grant from VISIT FLORIDA to promote their unique “Island Hopping” Services, providing seaplane travel to all The Florida Keys and the world beyond!


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