Caribbean Jobs Websites

Find Caribbean job

Go ahead – do a web search for “Caribbean Jobs”, you will get over one million hits.

We filter that list down to the handful of Caribbean Jobs websites that really have valid and up-to-date Caribbean job listing.
Do you really want to wade through a million Caribbean jobs websites? Probably not. Most have no listings or are just a shell page. Stop by here first and save your time by only looking at the sites that can really help you.

I have filtered the jobs websites list down to those with real, valid, and up-to-date job opportunities in the Caribbean region.
Browse the top ten websites, review the alphabetical list of other legitimate Caribbean jobs websites.
(I check these links regularly, but if you find one not working, or want to add one not on this list, Please tell me)

Last update: Oct 2012

Top Websites
#Jobs Cost Focus Extras
Caribbean Jobs 400+ Free Caribbean Region
Job in the Sun 180+ $ Caribbean Region Forum
CaribbeanJobsOnline 28 Free Caribbean Region
Bermuda Jobs 23 Free Bermuda focus, no job dates
Caribbean Hotels 335 Free Mexico/Cenral/S. America
TropicJobs 52 $ International and Caribbean
Hamilton Recruitment 12 Free Accounting & Legal focus, Caribbean Region
EscapeArtist 29 Free Caribbean Region

(How do we rate the top ten? We weigh the number of listings against newness of job postings and region)

Search for Caribbean Jobs at:

Alphabetical List of Legitimate Caribbean Jobs websites:

Bermuda Jobs(29 jobs, free, Bermuda focus, no job dates)
CareerJet (10,000 jobs, Free, mix of local & expatriate, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, some in Spanish)
CaribCareer (0 jobs, Free, Must register to search jobs, many web page errors)
CaribbeanHotels (20 jobs, Free, Mexico/Cenral/S. America focus)
Caribbean Jobs (400+ Jobs, Free, Trinidad focused)
CaribbeanJobsOnline (35 jobs, free)
Caribbean Resourcing Solutions (3 jobs, free, IT Jobs, Trinidad Focused, no posting dates)
Caribbean Resumes ( 1 jobs, Free, Trinidad focused, very old job dates) (? jobs, $, Cayman and Caribbean, cannot see jobs without membership) (1 jobs, Free, Jamaica focused, Classifieds page) (100+ jobs, up to date, unregulated international postings, some scams, beware!)
EscapeArtist (9 jobs, free, Caribbean Region)
Hamilton Recruitment (13 jobs, Free, Accounting & Legal focus, Caribbean Region)
JobintheSun (300+ jobs, $, Caribbean Region focus)
Jobs in the Caribbean (11 jobs, Free, Caribbean Region)
JobSearchJamaica (171 jobs, Jamaica focused)
PWC Jobs (Price Waterhouse Coopers) (0 jobs, $, Caribbean Region)
Reach International Group Accountancy & Finance Job Vacancies in Bermuda (21 jobs, Jamaica focused)
Tropic Jobs (20+ jobs, $, International and some Caribbean, no job posting dates)
WorkintheCaribbean (40+ jobs, $, Cayman & Caribbean Focus)
Working in Paradise (50+ jobs, Free, VERY old job posting dates – 2007 -2008)

Avoid these Caribbean Job websites: (0 jobs, just a search page) (0 jobs, just a search page)
BestCaribbeanJobs (0 jobs, just a job index page)
Bizzz (0 jobs, overseas social network community) (1 job, free, old job date, British Virgin Islands focus)
CaribbeanJobSearch (0 jobs, Free, may be closing down)
Caribbean-Search (0 jobs, Just a search page, website errors)
Caribbean Work (0 jobs, Free, site down?) (0 jobs, Free, Caribbean Region, Forum)
Grenada Jobs (0 jobs, just a international search page) (0 jobs, search page) (0 jobs, just a search page) (0 jobs, just a search page) (0 jobs, just a search page) (0 jobs, just a search page) (0 jobs, Points to South Carolina?) (0 jobs, just a search page)

14 Responses to Caribbean Jobs Websites

  1. Thanks, great list to start my Jamaican job search!

  2. Andrew says:

    What about and They are credible websites as well.

  3. Tabboo says:

    I am currently looking cause I am relocating the end of this month.Please tell me it is not so

    • caribguy says:

      No no Taboo.. that was in reference to a particular website. There are certainly jobs in the Caribbean. Have a look at the postings from the links on the Caribbean Jobs page.
      Relocating by the end of the month is pretty tight to find a job. Hopefully you’re headed to one of the bigger islands and have a needed skill. Good luck!

      • Tabboo says:

        That is a relief to know…and I do have travel and tourism experience in marketing as well as management and event coordinator.Sure pray that these skills will be sufficient.:D
        Thanks Caribguy

  4. Tabboo says:

    Caribguy you mention in one of your post to Andre that there are no jobs in Trinidad and the whole caribbean. Is this true?

  5. Andre says:

    Could you tell me about this site (not trinidad”jobs”)

    • caribguy says:

      Andre I tried to get to that website but it is stuck on loading. Either the server is extremely slow or they have problems. When it did finally respond I searched for jobs in the Caribbean and it came back with “Sorry we do not appear to have any live vacancies that fit your search criteria at present”

      • Andre says:

        Thanks Caribguy,
        But is it a reliable website for jobs in trinidad…does it have jobs?

      • caribguy says:

        There are no jobs in Trinidad or the whole Caribbean.

      • Andre says:

        I am looking to move to Trinidad from Wisconsin and i found your website and it seems very helpful…
        but i do not want to think that it is misleading…
        I check and searched the criteria of ‘all’ job sectors and found that this site has the most comprehensive listing of jobs in Trinidad compared to the others… there are 100+ jobs to be found in Trinidad.
        So i would want to think that you were not checking the site i initially asked about…
        i am a business development manager in WorleyParsons… and I am going to be a Country manager, my wife needs a job in Trinidad when we relocate.
        But thank you again.

  6. Melanie says:

    You sir, are making it easy for people who are looking for a job in the Caribbean. I’m going to recommend this website to people who are looking for a job in the Caribbean. Thanks for narrowing it down!

  7. thointheknow says:

    Thanks for posting this! It is super useful! I use to do events and activities on board cruise ships and I miss sailing in the Caribbean. I’m now looking to see if any resorts are hiring activities staff/event planners/wedding planners for either seasonal or full time work.

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