Guest Post

Do you live in the Caribbean? Do you vacation there often? Are you in touch with Caribbean life, business, resorts, or jobs and would like to talk about it?

We’d like to add other article writers and guest bloggers to MyCaribbean. Have your say and reach out to a Caribbean focused group that is also thinking to move and work there.

Interested? Contact us

How It Works

We’d be happy to have you write articles for this site. Here’s some thoughts, ideas, and our terms you’ll need to abide by:

  • Articles need to be at least 200 words
  • Articles must be about the Caribbean, living here, working here, or vacationing here
  • Promote your event, review a city, beach, town, or recent event
  • Give others a taste of what it is like to live in the Caribbean
  • You get access to write your article right on the site
  • You can add a short Bio and link to your email or website at the bottom of your article
  • We will review each article
  • We reserve the full right to approve or deny each article
  • The article will also become a permanent part of this website and we will have full rights to it

Take the plunge and give article writing a go! If you’ve got the passion and you’re comfortable typing then this might be a fun way to spend some time and help a fellow Caribbean wanna-be.



2 Responses to Guest Post

  1. benjamin kitchener says:

    Hi there I’m a uk photographer , i shoot beach photography with families and honeymoons , I’m have trouble finding anything what would you suggest

    • caribguy says:

      Benjamin, I would think you’d want to align yourself with the tourism industry; hotels, excursions and the like, and build photo packages. I’m thinking something along the lines of Disney World and other places where you get a memorabilia photo shoot. There’s always opportunity to sell photos online of exotic places. The other avenue is to seek out photo shops on the island of your choosing and hit them with your resume. If you’re willing to move then the opportunity might exist.
      Good luck!

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